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This system library was created by the Publishing feature to store documents that are used on pages in this site.

Assessment of Variance between GV assessed  values 01-01-2013 Vs Mvalue.pdf
12/7/2019 8:05 πμLefteris Antoniades
Gen Val Methodology 2018 v2.pdf
12/7/2019 7:43 πμLefteris Antoniades
Gen Val Methodology 2018.pdf
5/7/2019 9:52 πμLefteris Antoniades
GV2013- Final study on Refining Parameters of the CAMA model.pdf
12/7/2019 8:06 πμLefteris Antoniades
IMF Report -CY - Implementation_of_General_Valuation_for_Immovable_Property_Tax.PDF
12/7/2019 8:15 πμLefteris Antoniades
Γενικό Ενημερωτικό Έντυπο Πολίτη ΓΕ 2018.docx.pdf
5/7/2019 9:54 πμLefteris Antoniades
Ειδοποίηση σύμφωνα με  το άρθρο 70(β) - ΚΕΦ 224.pdf
5/7/2019 1:14 μμLefteris Antoniades
Συνήθεις Ερωτήσεις - Γ.Ε.  1.1.2018-4-7-19 Final.docx.pdf
5/7/2019 9:48 πμLefteris Antoniades