​Delegation of Land Survey Work to Private Licensed Surveyors

​Upon the implementation of the Surveys Law 67(I)/2005, all citizens, Government Departments, Services, Local Administration Authorities (Municipalities – Local Councils) and Organisations, may delegate cases requiring land surveying to Private Licenced Surveyors. The delegation of the above contract may be done for cases of any kind requiring land surveying (apart from boundary disputes) and in any area.

Upon the completion of the surveying work by the Private Licensed Surveyor, the Department of Lands and Surveys carries out a research with respect to the accuracy and completeness of the work and updates the cadastral and land registers and issues the relevant certificates, depending on the type of each case. The remuneration of the Private Licensed Surveyor is paid by the applicant under an agreement contracted between them. Furthermore, special fees are paid to the Lands and Surveys Department, for preparation purposes, and for checking the surveying work, as well as for the remaining works of the Department.

The delegation of work to Private Licensed Surveyors contributes towards the release of the Department from cases requiring land surveying work which have been delayed for a long time. The large number of these delayed cases makes it impossible to determine the time required for the completion of certain work, in case this is undertaken by the Department.​

An updated list of the Private Licensed Surveyors is posted on the first page of the current webpage.