Purpose: The purpose of the inquiry submission is to enable users to submit questions to the Department of Lands and Surveys. A question may be associated with a query / clarification on an application, the status of the application or any other information on services offered by the DLS Portal or the Department of Lands and Surveys in general.

Log-in to the System:

The user logs into the system by using his access codes. The user is then transferred to the «Dashboard» homepage, where the "Application List" is displayed, showing all the available electronic applications as shown in Figure 1.


​Tab 1 «General Information»:   From this page, the user selects the "Inquiry" button, as shown in the red box in Figure 1 above. Then the system transfers the user to the page of tab 1 "General information", where a brief description of the application is available, as shown in Figure 2.


Tab 2 «Inquiry Information»:   Then the user selects the tab 2, «Inquiry Information» where he must complete the "Inquiry Details" form, as shown in Figure 3.


​Here the applicant should fill in the mandatory fields, "Inquiry Type" and "Comments." From the drop-down list of the field "Inquiry Type" user must select an "Inquiry Type" and then enter  a brief description of the question in the field "Comments" , as shown in Figures 4 and 5 below.



Tab 3 «Attachment Data»:  Then the user selects tab 3, "Attachment Data", where is able to attach a file that is related to the inquiry he wants to submit to the Department, as shown below in Figure 6.


The buttons on the above page are described below as follows:

  1. Upload File: The user can upload a file from the Browser.
  2. Upload Folder: The user can upload a folder  from the Browser.
  3. Attachments: The user is able to view the attachments that has uploaded. 
  4. Delete: The user is able to delete one of the attachments.
  5. Submit: With the use of this button the user submits his question permanently.
  6. Draft:  The user is able to save his inquiry application as a draft and to proceed with submittion permanently at a later stage. (The application can also be saved as draft from tab 2 "Inquiry Information" where the button "Draft" is also available).

Once the user submits his application the system displays a message asking the user to verify the submittion, as shown in Figure 7 below.


If the applicant's answer is "Yes", the system displays the "Submittion Details" with the message that the application has been successfully submitted, as shown in Figure 8 below.


​Note: Submission of  "Inquiry" Application is free of charge.