​​​​​​​​​​​Application for Streets Update Information


The above application is ​addressed to the Municipalities and ​Departments of Lands and Surveys and concerns the update of the streets network of the Department of Lands and Surveys, for the creation of new street, rename and deletion of a street. It is good to be note that the user can only intervere within its jurisdiction​, which are the boundaries of the Municipality / Communities.​

1. General Information


The first tab of the application displays some general information (Image 1)

2. Map

The user selects the tab "Map" in order to proceed to the next step.

The system displays on the top level of the screen, next to the title, the case number (i.e. DLS1199). In the center of the screen, the map of Cyprus is displayed. (Image 2).​


In order to navigate to the area of interest, the user has to select from the left menu the "Select Area of Interest" option (Image 3).


​There is an option for selecting via an administrative reference (district, Municipality / Community, Quarter), registration number, map reference (sheet, plan / scale, block, parcel no) or street name. 


​User submits the search criteria according to preffered choice. The District and Municipality / Community are displayed automatically according the user's jurisdiction. After the user selects the "Zoom" button (Image 5).


As it is shown in the following image, the system shades the selected area (Image 6)


2.1. New Street

The user can create a new street, by selecting from the menu which is shown in the left of the screen the "New Street" and the button "NEW" (Image 6, 7). (In order to draw the new street, user has to zoom very closely to the area of interest) (Image 8)

The user draws to the map the new street, by clicking with the mouse the beginning of the street moving towards to the direction of the street. The new street is displayed with red color. In order to finalize the creation of the new street, the user has to double click at the end of the street (Image 9).
While the user completes the drawing of the new road, the system displays the new street with yellow colour and concurrently it appears the details of the street, as it shown below. Some of the fields are already ​filled.

The user has the obligation to fill the following fields:
  • Street Name (Greek): 
  • Comments: 

In the case that the user submits a street name with english characters, will receive the following message during submission:


Then the button "Save" should be selected as it is shown in the image 8. In the case that the user does not want to save the new street, the button Cancel should be selected. streetsEN_10.png

By clicking the Save button, the following message is displayed


The user has the possibility of uploading attachments and submitting the application (see Section 3. ​Attachment Data)

2.2. Rename Street

The user has also the possibility to ask for the rename of an existing street by clicking on the Rename/Delete Street and the button Rename. The user, as it is described in the first case, submits the desired criteria in order to search for a street and then selects the Zoom button. In this case the geographical area must be selected and the name of the street or submit the street code. The system selects with a green line the selected street.


After, the user has to click the Copy button and the system will display the information of the selected street. The user submits the details that concern the name of the street and also comments regarding the selected street if exists. In order to complete the rename of the street, the user clicks on the Save button. 


In the case that the street name has no been renamed, then the following message will be shown


If the user does not want to rename the street, selects the Cancel button as it shown in the Image 10​.


2.3. Delete Street

The user can also ask to delete a street by clicking on the Delete button. The user submits again the criteria for searching a street and then clicks on the Zoom button. The system displays the selected road with green colour.


The user clicks on the Copy button. The system displays the road with red colour.

The system displays the details of the street for which the user asked to delete. The user fills the comments regarding the deletion of the selected road and clicks on the Save buttonIf the user does not want to delete the street then the Cancel button should be selected.

The user has the possibility to proceed in multiple actions for one of the following three cases (New Street, Rename Street, Delete Street) for one application.

3.     Attachment Data / Submit Application

While the user completed the application (it could be any combination from the three available that where mentioned above), can proceed to the page 3. "Attachment Data".

​In this page, the user can attach files regarding the application in order to finalize it.

​Based on the numbers in the following image, the following buttons are being descibed:

    1. Upload File: The user can upload a file from File Explorer
    2. Upload Folder  The user can upload a folder from File Explorer
    3. Attachment: The user can view the uploaded attachment data
    4. Delete: The user can delete one of the attachments
    5. ​Submit: The user can submit the application

While the user submits the application and attach relevant files, if any then submits the application by clicking the "Submit" button.

A warning message is shown for confirming the submission.

Yes:   By clicking the "Yes" button the application is submitted to the system

No:  By clicking the "No" button the application is discarded and it is not submitted to the system


Upon application completion, a page is displayed showing all relevant information regarding the application submitted and also the status of the application.