​​​Mortgage Cancellation​​​


Submitting online application for Mortgage Cancellation is aimed directly to the simplification of procedures for facilitating the Mortgagees, in order to avoid the physical presence or their representatives to the District Land Offices. Banks and cooperative credit institutions, acting as Mortgagees, will be able to use the specific application provided:

1. They are registered users in the Web Portal of the Department of Lands & Surveys.

2. There is a mortgage in whose favor, was accepted at a District Land Office, under the provisions of the Immovable Property (Transfer and Mortgage) Law, 1965.

After login into the online platform, the user selects from the Application List the MORTGAGE CANCELLATION e-application.


Thereafter, proceeding to the second step "Mortgage Search", the user must record the file number by selecting the District in which the Mortgage was submitted, the Serial Number and the Year of submission.

Once the criteria have been recorded correctly, by clicking the "Filter" button the mortgage appear on the screen, as well the Mortgagor or if a consecutive mortgage exists and the following permitted actions for Mortgage Cancellation: Full Cancellation or Partial Cancellation. Subsequently, by selecting the mortgage, user must choose one of the type options for Cancellation Mortgage. Selecting Full Cancellation and by pressing the ''Submit'' button, the process is completed. In case of the Partial Cancellation, it is necessary to determine the Paid Amount and the ¹Cancelled Share for the selected ownerships. Finally, clicking the "Submit" button, the process is completed automatically and the user will be able to get detailed information for the submitted e-application. 

Upon completion of the application, the update form appears under the label Submission Details. Selecting the electronic file number # DLS '' ...... '' displays a menu of information which includes: General Information, Application Related Information, Attachment Data, Messages, Notifications and Application History.



​​²Consecutive Mortgages: Mortgage Full Cancellation is accepted without any restriction, provided that the mortgagor has already wholly paid the amount of the mortgage loan. Consecutive mortgage partial cancellation in DLS Portal is accepted ONLY if all the consecutive mortgages formed by the same mortgagee, who must declare the paid amount for each consecutive mortgage separately.​


It is important to notice that, within the same day for the same Mortgage, CANNOT be lodge other Mortgage (Partial or Full) Cancellation. If there is an immediate need for submission a New Mortgage Cancellation for the same mortgage, then you have to contact at a District Land Office. Also, in case that has been submitted handwritten application at a District Land Office and at the same day for the same mortgage there is emergency for submission a new application, ONLY handwritten application at a District Lands Office must be submitted.