Data Submission


Purpose: The purpose of this application is to enable the Private Surveyors to upload data for the Department which they are preparing after the completion of a survey work undertaken within the processing of the cadastral land survey work (according to Surveying Law 67 (I) of 2005 and in accordance with the DLS Circular 716). Data can be uploaded directly to files or to an indicated a URL from where the Department will be able to receive the data.

Login to the System: The user, by using his access codes proceeds with Login into the System. Automatically, the page "Dashboard" appears, with a catalogue of available electronic applications, as shown in Figure 1.


Tab 1 "General Information": From this table, the user selects the application "Data Submission", as shown in the red box in Figure 1. The System automatically opens the application and the page of the tab 1, "General Information" is displayed as in Figure 2, which describes briefly the purpose of this application.


Tab 2, "Data Submission":  The applicant selects the tab 2 "Data Submission". The Page containing the catalogue of the DLO Files assigned to the applicant appears, as shown in Figure 3.

From this catalogue, the applicant selects the DLO File of his interest in order to submit his data; he has to complete the "Submission Details" which appear by scrolling down the page, as shown in Figure 4.


On the Submission Details, the user has to complete the following mandatory fields:
  • Submission Reason: User submits the Data Submission Reason.
  • Comments: User submits comments concerning the data.
  • Submission Method: user select the data submit method.

If the user chooses to submit the data via «URL», the system displays a new field in order for the user to enter the user URL, as shown in Figure 5.


If the user chooses to submit the data via "Upload File", then the system displays the "Upload File" and "Upload Folder" buttons, as shown in Figure 6.

  1. Upload File: The user can upload one or more files from the file browser.
  2. Upload folder: The user can upload a folder from the browser.

Once the user attaches the files or folders, they appear at the bottom of the page, in the "Attachments" frame, as shown in Figure 7.


At this point, the applicant, for any reason, can delete a file by using the "Delete" button; can save the application as a draft using the "Draft" button; or can submit it permanently using the "Submit" button.

When the user submits the application permanently, the system displays a message if the applicant wishes to proceed with the submission, as shown in Figure 8.

After the applicant answered "Yes", the System appears the confirmation application submission, as shown in Figure 9


​Note: The user at any time during the application submission operation can select the "Draft" button. This way, the application will be stored in the system without being completed. The user, at any time, may find this application on the "My Applications" tab and complete it permanently.​