​Provision of Property Ownership Catalogue

Purpose: The purpose of the application for the Provision of the Property Ownership Catalogue, via the electronic services of the Department of DLS PORTAL, is the easy and friendly electronic submission of the application by the Municipality Councils, Community Councils, Sewages Boards and District Administrations, in order to export and download the data on their personal computer, without having the necessity to visit any District Lands Office.

The Property Ownership Catalogue for the Sewage Boards includes only properties that are marked on the Land Information System with the code "within sewage area".​

Login to the System:

The user by using his access codes proceeds with Login into the System. Automatically, the page "Dashboard" appears, with a catalogue of available electronic applications, as shown in Figure 1.


Tab 1 “General Information”:  ​From this catalogue, the user selects the application "Provision of Property Ownership Catalogue", as shown in the red box in Figure 1. Automatically, the System opens the page of the tab 1 "General Information", as in Figure 2, which includes a brief description of the application​. 


Tab 2 «Ownership Catalogue Generation»:  In order to proceed to the next stage of the application, the user selects «Ownership Catalogue Generation» (Figure 3).

In the section "Selection of Geographical Area", the system displays to the user the geographical area from which has the authority to submit the application i.e. for the user's community. The user selects an area by clicking the specific buttonownershipbutton.png.  

After selecting the desired geographical area, the user presses  the button "Calculate Fees" at the bottom of the page (Figure 4).


After the application fees have been calculated, the system displays the following message.


In case that the applicant did not select a geographical area, the system displays the following message.


Tab 3 «Fee Payment»: 

After the message that the fees have been calculated, the user should proceed to the payment of the fees by selecting the tab 3 "Fee Payment". The system displays the page with the application and payment details, as shown in Figure 5. Then the user presses the button "Pay" that appears at the bottom right of the screen, in order to process with the payment.


A message appears on the screen, informing the user if he wants to proceed with the payment, as in Figure 6.


Automatically, the system displays a message for the applicant to confirm if he wants to proceed with the submission of the application. By clicking the button:

Yes:  The application is submitted and the system transfers the user to the JCC Payment System, as in Figure 7.

No:  The application is not submitted 


The user enters the payment card details and if everything is correct, then the application is submitted successfully by displaying all the application details, as shown in Figure 8.


From this page the applicant has the ability to print the confirmation of the submission of the application, using the button "Print", which appears at the top right of the page in Figure 8. The printing page appears and the applicant can print the confirmation, as in Figure 9.


View the Details of the application: 

The applicant has the option to see the details of his application in two ways:

  1. ​By selecting directly the number of the application from the confirmation screen of the submission, which appears immediately after the payment (Figure 8).
  2. By selecting the button "My Applications" shown on the left side of each screen (Figure 10).

How to receive the Data:

1st Method

Once the data is prepared and the applicant received a message by email and/or sms, he can use the function "My Applications", on the left side of each page to download the data. Instructions of how to download the data are on the page "My Applications" in the "i" button. (Figure 10)


From this page, the applicant selects the application by its number as it was given in the confirmation page after the application submission. The number of the application is also shown in the electronic message/ mail sent to the applicant.

By selecting the application number, automatically the system displays a screen with the details of the application (Figure 11).


From this screen, the user selects the tab "Data Downloads" and a page is displayed with the downloadable file. The applicant can download the file by pressing the button "Download" on the right side of the screen as shown in the red box in Figure 12.


While the download procedure is finished, the file will be shown to the bottom left of the page, as it is shown in the Figure 13. Afterwards, the user can save the file to the computer.


2nd Method

The user can also find and download all electronic files that have been prepared, by selecting the "Account" button on the left side of the "Dashboard" home page and then the function "Downloads" from the extended menu. 


This page displays the files that have been created by user demand through the various electronic applications of DLS Portal. All available files for download are presented to the user with the elements listed below, such as case number, application type, file name, create date and expiry date (Figure 14). The files can be downloaded during the period of the «Create Date» and the «Expiry Date».