​​​​​​​Maps In Raster Format


Purpose: ​The application is related to the ​pay​ment of static thematic maps (road, administrative, topographic), both in simple image format (tif files, jpeg, pdf), and their respective geographical maps (tif & tfw). ​In the geographical maps there is metric capability.

In order to navigate to the Data Downloads page, user selects from the dashboard "Data Downloads" option as show in the image below.



​​In the Maps In Raster Format page all available maps are displayed sorted according their category.





​By selecting a category all maps of the selected​ category are shown.​
Test123123 - Copy.jpg

As it is displayed in the image below, for each map a relevant thumbnail is shown (preview), and also some extra information regarding the file format, the map scale, serial number and price.

​It is noted also that, because of the big amount of maps which they are included in the TOPOGRAPHICAL MAP SERIES, DLS 17 (1:5000), for which is included a big amount of maps, also there is a map search from which the provision and number is displayed, for the convenience of the applicant. For displaying a full extend of the map click on the map (see figure 4).


For the reason that the specific ​series are old, there are areas for which there is not a map inventory. Also, there are areas for which there is not a map inventory. Also there are sheets that the colored sheets have been exhausted and for there replacement black and white replacements are given.

Because of the big amount of maps, there is possibility to preview only two maps, one colored and one black and white form, just like the following figure 5.


While the user selects the desired map, clicks on the Pay button and automatically is transferred to the JCC payment system (figure 6) for the submission of the charges and the purchase of the specific file (figure 7)



The system displays the details of the submitted application (see figure 8).


​​​ After purchasing the selected data, the available data will be displayed in the Downloads page.​