DLO File Preparation by Private Surveyors


Purpose: The purpose of this application is the direct access of the Private Surveyors to the Department's digital data repository for the preparation of the DLO File undertaken within the cadastral land survey (Surveying Law 67 (I) of 2005 and in accordance with the DLS Circular 716). 

For technical reasons during this phase, access to digital data will be provided ONLY in the Survey Database (SDB). The Private Surveyor will be able to prepare from his office, the DLO Files undertaken, concerning properties which are stored in SDB and for which New Cadastral Plans are adopted. For DLO Files undertaken and related to properties stored in the Digital Cadastral Database (DCDB), the process will continue to be as it is today; these DLO Files will be prepared by the File Preparation Section of the Department of Lands and Surveys. 

Login to the System: The user by using his access codes proceeds with Login into the System. Automatically, the page "Dashboard" appears, with a catalogue of available electronic applications, as shown in Figure 1.


Tab 1 "General Information": From this table, the user selects the application "DLO File Preparation by Private Surveyors", as shown in the red box in Figure 1. The System automatically opens the application and the page of the tab 1, "General Information" is displayed as in Figure 2, which describes briefly the purpose of this application.



Tab 2, "DLO File Selection":  From this page, the user selects the tab 2 concerning the page, "DLO File Selection" and the System displays the second page of the application, "Work Assignments", as in Figure 3. In this page, the catalogue of the available DLO Files assigned to the user is displayed. The catalogue includes the information of the District, the DLO File Numbertype of file and the date of submission of the DLO File.



Tab 3, "Property Selection":  From this page, the user selects the DLO File of his interest and automatically the System transfers him to the Tab 3, concerning the third page, "Property Selection, as in figure 4.


Tab 4, "Map Viewer":  From this page, the user selects the property of his interest and automatically the System transfers him to Tab 4, concerning the "Map Viewer" page, as shown in figure 5. 


This page shows the map with the property of interest in yellow shade. With green shade a Buffer zone is displayed, (30 meters), around the property selected, which defines the area that will be exported. The properties which are shown with blue outline are the properties which have open DLO Files, which maybe affect the survey work you will be performed. The numbers of these files are shown on the screen and you are prompted to contact the Survey Section of the Department for instructions and coordination with employees who handle these DLO Files.


From this page, the user must determine the format, (Shapefile, DWG, DXF), which will extract the data by selecting from the list of values of the "Output Format" field, shown in the red box in Figure 5 above.


If the user is sure about his choice, and he has determined the exported file format, then he can select the button "Export Data". Automatically, the System displays the last page of the application which concerns the confirmation application submission, as shown in Figure 6. 


This page displays the application details, the applicant details and a note which informs the applicant that his application has been completed successfully and he will be informed by sms or email on how to collect the data.


How to Receive the Data: Once the data is prepared, and the applicant received a message by email and/or sms, he can use the function "My Applications", on the left side of each page, to download the data. Instructions of how to download the data are on the page "My Applications" in the "i" button.​