Purpose: The purpose of the electronic application for the Provision of Horizontal Division File Plans is the easy and friendly submission of the application by the citizen, without having the necessity to visit any District Lands Office. The applicant can download both, the plans for each floor and the catalogs of the areas of each unit.

Login to the System: The user by using his access codes proceeds with Login into the System. Automatically, the page "Dashboard" appears, with a catalogue of available electronic applications, as shown in Figure 1.


Tab 1 «General Information»:   From the page of Figure 1 and the list of applications, the user selects the application "Provision of Horizontal Division File Plans", as shown in red frame in Figure 1 above. The first page of the tab 1 "General Information" appears as in Figure 2. This page contains a brief description of the application.


Tab 2, "Horizontal Division File Plans": The applicant selects tab 2, "Horizontal Division File Plans" as shown in green frame in Figure 2 above. In this page, as in Figure 3, the applicant has to fulfill the two filters:

1.    District. In this field, as shown in green frame in Figure 3, the applicant has to select the district of the property from a list of value.

2.   Special Plan Number. In this field, as shown in red frame in Figure 3, the applicant has to enter only the number of the file plan (e.g. 2271), without its prefix that is S.P, S.P.L, and E.S.


When the applicant completes the two filters, he should press the button "Search", as shown in red frame in figure 4. Then a catalogue of the file plans, relevant to the district and the file plan number, is displayed as shown in Figure 4.

The catalogue may include folders with different prefix (such as E.S, S.P, S.P.L) in combination of the district and the specific file plan number. In this case, the applicant has to choose the file plan number with the correct prefix, which is written on the official cadastral plan.


The applicant can choose the checkbox "Select all", as shown in red frame in Figure 5, in order to download all the files of the specific file plan.

For the successful submission of the application, the applicant should press the button "Submit", as shown in green frame in Figure 5.


Automatically, a message appears on the screen asking the user if he wants to proceed with the submission, as in Figure 6.


By clicking the "Yes" button, the application is submitted, displaying the application details as shown in Figure 7. Automatically, files are downloaded and saved on applicant's PC.


A zip folder is created with the name The applicant can find the zip folder in the "Downloads" folder on the PC, as shown in figure 8.


This zip folder is NOT saved in the application as in the other applications, where the applicant has the option to see the details by selecting the button "My Applications".