​​​​​Provision of GIS Data 

Purpose:  The purpose of this application is to provide direct access of the Citizen to the Digital / Vector Geographical data of the Department in order to export them and download them to your pc. This application allows the citizen to export cadastral plan data, coordinates and description cards ofthe Control Points, Planning Zones, contours lines, Hydrographic Data, etc.

Login to the System: The user by using his access codes proceeds with Login into the System. Automatically, the page "Dashboard" appears, with a catalogue of available electronic applications, as shown in Figure 1.


Tab 1 «General Application Information»:   From the page of figure 1 and the list of applications, the user selects the application "Provision of GIS data". The first page of the tab 1 "General Information" appears as in figure 2. This page contains a brief description of the application.


Tab 2 "Service Selection":  From this page the user selects the tab 2, "Service Selection". The list of available services appears as shown in Figure 3.


Tab 3 "Map Viewer": From this page and the list of available services, the user selects the service he is interested, e.g. "Cadastral Data" by pressing the button "Map Viewer" that appears on the right side of the line, (red box in Figure 3 above). Automatically, the System displays the map with the functions "Table of Contents", "Select Area of Interest" and "Export Data", as shown in the green box in Figure 4.


From the above functions, the user selects the "Select Area of Interest" and in the expansion of this button (as shown in the green box in Figure 5), enters values in the fields displayed, from the list of values of each field. When the user enters a value in a field he can press the "Zoom" button to navigate to the field area entered.


After the user enters the field's values, as shown in the green box shown in Figure 6 and press the button "Zoom", the system transfers the user to the area of interest.


By using the button "Select / Deselect Area", shown in the red box in Figure 7, the user can deselect the area already selected (yellow color in Figure 6), using the "Deselect Area" tool  and choose another area using the "rectangular" or "Polygon" tools, as in Figure 7.


After the user selects the area of interest, he has to input the parameters based on which the export will be excracted, by expand the "Export Data" tool, shown in orange frame in Figure 7. The System appears the page in Figure 8 below. In the expansion of this tool the System automatically displays the size of the area selected as well as the cost of rights.


Note: The cost of rights is set to € 15 per square Km., except from the service "Export PSM" for Private Surveyors which is free.

In Figure 8 above, as shown in red frame, the user must enter values in the «Buffer Selection», (if he wants to expand his selection), "Output Format" and «Output Projection" and press the button "Save Export" shown in green frame in figure 8.  A message that data is stored successfully appears, as shown in green frame in Figure 9.


Tab 4 "Fee Payment":   After the user submitted the delivery method of receiving the data, he selects the tab 5 "Fee Payment ". Automatically, the System displays the payment information page, as shown in Figure 10.


After the applicant checks the information, selects the button "Pay", in order to proceed with the payment. A message about whether the applicant wishes to proceed, appears, as in Figure 11. 


If the answer is "Yes", the System transfers the user to the JCC Payment System, as shown in figure 12.


The applicant enters the payment card details and if everything is correct, the application is submitted successfully, displaying the submission details of the application, as shown in Figure 13.


This page displays the application details, the applicant details and a note which informs the applicant that his application has been completed successfully and he will be informed by sms or email on how to collect the data.​

How to Receive the Data: Once the data is prepared and the applicant received a message by email and/or sms, he can use the function "My Applications", on the left side of each page, to download the data. Instructions of how to download the data are on the page "My Applications" in the "i" button.

Label representation in Autocad (DWG & DXF files)

In Autocad "File Open" one of the layers ending with text "labels", as shown in red colour in the figure that follows. Then select "CTRL+A", so as to select all the available "text", as shown in blue squares in the next figure.


Right “mouse” click and select from the menu that appears the command “Properties”. Change the fields “Color” και “Height”, as shown in yellow color in the following figure.