​​CYPOS Network

The CYPOS network (Cyprus Positioning System) consists of 7 permanent GNSS stations (Global Navigational Satellite System), installed throughout Cyprus.  The network is in continuous operation (24/7/365). The network transmits data to registered users who have high precision GPS devices, so it is not necessary to use fixed GPS receivers. The network provides solutions such as VRS (Virtual Reference Station), iMAX, FKP (Flächen Korrektur Parameter-Parameter Spatial Correction) and MAC (Master-Auxiliary Concept). CYPOS services are not compatible with GPS mobile phones.

Registration rights: Any physical or legal person is entitled to apply for registration at CYPOS. 

Registration process: The following steps cover the registration process at CYPOS:

1. Navigate to the website of the DLS Portal by clicking the link: http://eservices.dls.moi.gov.cy/#/signinscreen.

2. Follow the instructions in the following link http://portal.dls.moi.gov.cy/en-us/FrontEndHelp/Pages/signinscreen.aspx for registration and entering the DLS Portal.

3. While the user is connected in the DLS Portal, will have to submit an application to join the CYPOS Group based on the instructions of the following link http://portal.dls.moi.gov.cy/en-us/FrontEndHelp/Pages/GroupsAndMembeships.aspx

Registered Users have the right to apply for membership in the CYPOS Group; such users are the ones who have validated their profile Id at the Citizen Service Centres (for physical entities) or Central Post Offices (for legal entities).

4. After the user joins the CYPOS Group, a new button will appear in the "Dashboard" home page ("CYPOS Website") as shown in the red box in Figure 1 below. Existing CYPOS users, who already have credentials (username/password) in CYPOS and intend to purchase subscription from the DLS Portal for the first time, can go directly to step 9, without following the link "CYPOS Website".


5. By selecting "CYPOS Website", the user is being redirected to the website of CYPOS, in which he will have to register by clicking on the "Register" button, as shown in the red box in Figure 2 below.


6. The user enters the necessary data in the form that will appear (Figure 3) and presses "Submit".


7. By submitting the application on the CYPOS website, the user will receive an e-mail in his e-mail account, which will invite him to confirm his registration at CYPOS by following the link provided in the message.

8. After the confirmation of his registration, the user will receive an additional e-mail that prompts him to pay his subscription.

9. The payment of the subscription is made through the DLS Portal by following the steps in the link: http://portal.dls.moi.gov.cy/en-us/FrontEndHelp/Pages/Subscriptions.aspx.

The available subscriptions appear in the following illustration (Figure 4). The subscriptions that are characterized as "2nd" and "3rd", are for users who own a second or even a third GPS receiver respectively and wish to use the same credentials as they do for the first receiver.

It is noted that the name entered as  "UserName" (Figure 4), is the one that is being used in step 6 as "User name" (Figure 3).

For existing users the value "Username", is the one that is already used in their GPS receivers.

All users (new and existing) wishing to have different credentials for each additional GPS receiver, will need to purchase separate subscriptions by following all the steps each time (Steps 4-9), for each different subscription.


10. After paying the subscription, the user will expect a message from the administrator of CYPOS, informing that the activation of subscription has been made and that the CYPOS services can be used immediately. This process will be completed within 2 working days.


A. For a valid CYPOS registration, the new user must follow all the described stages of the above instructions. If the new user buys the subscription without following the aforementioned procedure, accessing the CYPOS services will not be successful.


B. Subscription Renewal: 5 days prior to the expiration of the subscription, the user will receive an sms (if users profile has been updated with mobile phone number) and an e-mail, prompting him to renew the subscription. Instructions for subscription renewal are included at the following link under "Purchase Subscriptions".