​​​​My Account – Downloads

Purpose: The purpose of this function is to enable the user manage his account. This function is activated by pressing the «Account" button on the left side of the "Dashboard" home page, as shown in the red box in Figure 1 below.


By selecting the "Account" button, this is extended and all the functions that are available to the user to manage his account are presented, as shown in the red box in Figure 2.


​The functions that are extended are the followings: 

  1. Account Settings
  2. Groups & Memberships
  3. Subscriptions
  4. Notifications


When the user clicks the "Downloads", the system displays the available files for download from the user, as shown in Figure 3 below.


​The files shown on this page have been created by user demand through the various electronic applications of DLS Portal such as: 

  • Maps in raster format.
  • Provision of GIS data.
  • DLO File preparation by Private Surveyors, etc.

All available files for download are presented to the user with the elements listed below, as shown in Figure 4.

  • Case Number
  • Application Type
  • File Name
  • Create Date
  • Expiry Date


The user must press "Download" button on the right side in order to download the file, as shown in the red box in Figure 4. All files been downloaded are shown at the bottom left of the page, as shown in the red box in Figure 5. Afterwards, the user can save the file to the computer. DOWNLOADS5.png