​​​​Account – Notifications


Purpose: The purpose of this function is to enable the user manage his account. This function is activated by pressing the «Account" button on the left side of the "Dashboard" home page, as shown in the red box in Figure 1 below.


By selecting the button "Account", is extended and all the functions that are available to the user to manage his account are presented, as shown in the red box in Figure 2.


​The functions that are extended are the followings: 

  1. Account Settings
  2. Groups & Memberships
  3. Subscriptions
  4. Notifications


When the user selects "Notifications", the system displays the notification page showing all the messages sent to the user, as shown in Figure 3 below.


​From this page, the user is able to check: 

  1. Notifications concerning his profile and
  2. Notifications relating to applications submitted to the Department of Land and Survey.

1.       Profile Notifications

Profile Notifications show any changes relating to the specific user account. The user will be notified of any change in the account with a message (SMS) or e-mail, as shown in Figure 4 below.


A notification about user account can be generated by the following:

·         Change to the user account (Approval / Rejection).

·         User Account has been disabled by DLS officer.

·         User subscriptions are about to expire or disabled by DLS officer.

2.       Application Notifications

All changes to user applications are shown in Application Notifications. The user is notified of any change in the application with message (SMS) or e-mail, as shown in Figure 5 below.


​A notification relating to an application change, can be generated by the following: 

·         Change in application status.

·         Further information needed (Payment or Meeting).

·         End of data delivery operation.  ​