​The Department of Lands and Surveys Web Portal

We would like to welcome you to the "DLS PORTAL"!

The New Internet Services platform is a landmark in the modern history of the Department of Lands and Surveys, as following intensive efforts lasting many years, the Department fully opens its doors to the outside world, with online services via the Internet, through its own platform of electronic services; the whole concept is based on a 24 hour available, fast and friendly service.​

A new IT customer-centric culture is embedded in our vision, focusing on the citizen via the availability of electronic services.  Our target is the elimination of time-consuming bureaucratic procedures in the acceptance of applications and the ease of access into our core data.  The whole effort is just the start; the target is to continuously improve our services offered through the gradual inclusion of new applications in the near future.

Our New Internet Services Platform consists of four (4) main pillars:

  • A New and Dynamic Front Page with Static Information for the Department and the Services offered.  The new page includes all relevant information for the Department, its offices and branches, access to free maps and scanned cadastral plans, fees calculating tools, the Citizen's Charter, etc.

  • Ability to Navigate to a Property through an On-line Free Web Application in real time.  The applications use the Geographical Information Systems of the Department, extending them through Web GIS capabilities.  Various layers of information are available, such as parcels, buildings, sheet / plans, aerial photography, planning zones, etc.  The ability to identify each property is available with important parcel characteristics, relative scanned cadastral plans, the values of the general valuation and many others.  Two additional thematic On-line services are also available with very important multi-variable attributes; the topographical and the hydrographical.  Search, printing, as well as access via web-services is also offered.

  • Electronic Application Submission.  An "e-Applications Dashboard" is available for every citizen, hosting personal profiling, monitoring of all registered application in the Department and providing the ability to launch and submit an application, purchase static maps, export data and upload data to the Department.  The dashboard includes submission of applications, such as demarcation of boundaries, correction of errors and objection against the General Valuation, property searches and copies of title certificates, mortgage release by Banks.  In association with the Local Government and the Sewerage Boards, export of taxation data is provided and an updating of new buildings characteristics and roads maybe uploaded On-line.  The selection and provision of GIS data to the citizen is dynamic and specific services are provided to Private Surveyors and Valuers.

  • Adherence and Implementation of the INSPIRE Directive for Cyprus.  The implementation of the INSPIRE Directive for Cyprus through a specialized and dedicated INSPIRE GeoPortal platform integrated inside the DLS PORTAL is now available. The European INSPIRE Directive aims to create a European Union (EU) spatial data infrastructure. This will enable the sharing of spatial information among public sector organisations and better facilitate public access to spatial information across Europe. INSPIRE is based on the infrastructures for spatial information that are created by the Member States and that are made compatible with common implementing rules and are supplemented with measures at Community level. Network services, such as the INSPIRE GeoPortal of Cyprus make it possible to discover, transform, view and download spatial data and to invoke spatial data and e-commerce services from various Governmental sources, according to the INSPIRE Directive.


e-Cadastre is finally here!​

Our Department on your computer screen!