Yes.  A great number of applications to the Department are available On-line through our Electronic Applications Portal.​



Applications: 8:30 am - 2:00 pm 

Information: 8:00 am - 3:00 pm 

Cadastral Plans: District Lands Offices and Central Cartographic Office, Lefkosia 

Cadastral Plans and Maps: Central Cartographic Office, Lefkosia

Orders: 8:00 am - 2:00 pm


A registered user is the user who has created an account / profile in the Dls Portal (ELECTRONIC APPLICATIONS -> REGISTER) and has access to "open data services" such as" Scanned Maps ", "Provision  of GIS / Digital Data" and "Inquiry".

It should be noted that access to the "Interactive Maps" e-service does not require an account / profile, as well as access to static data through the "Citizen's Portal", and the use / utilization of the "Inspire Geo-portal".

Authorized user is the registered user who has already visited one of the Citizen Service Centers or the Central Post Office of his/her city and connected the account / profile he created in the Dls Portal with the identity information.  The authorized user, in addition to access to "open data" services, has also access to the eservices related to his/her own property, such as an application for the issue of a Search  Certificate, of a Copy of Certificate of Registration  (Title) of Immovable Property, an application for Correction of Error of General Valuation etc.
It should be noted that, the respective group of the "Authorized  User" on the side of the Organizations, who are not registered in the Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver, such as Municipalities, Communities, Sewage Boards, Various Public Benefit and Religious Institutions and have proceeded to link their profile, is the group "Organizations" .


The groups that exist in the Dls Portal, in addition to the groups of registered and authorized users, have been created to serve specific and specialized groups of users such as Financial Institutions, Governmental Organizations, Municipalities, Communities, Sewerage Councils, Private Valuers, Private Surveyors, etc. Joining the respective group gives to the user the access to specific e-services that were built exclusively for the needs of these groups.

A user can be registered on the Dls Portal by selecting "ELECTRONIC APPLICATIONS" - >REGISTER ". The registration process is carried out by the "Ariadne" System. The availability of Dls Portal e-services to each user depends on the type of user (Question 3)  and  from the additional groups to which he/she belongs to (Question 4) .


No you can't . This information is not available through the Portal because is not considered "open data".

It should be noted that information regarding immovable property may be provided to any interested person under section 51A of the Law Cap. 224, by issuing a "search certificate". A "search certificate" is issued only after the respective application (Form N50) has been filed and the prescribed fees have been paid at any District Land Office. The application form must be physically submitted at any District Land Office. Persons qualified to file an application are only the owner of the property or his/her agent authorized by a power of attorney, or an attorney.

It should be noted that an agent  (e.g. a layer) authorized by a power of attorney, or an attorney, in order to apply electronically for the issue of Search Certificate on behalf of the owner, should have already filed a power of attorney, or an attorney at a district land office. 

The applicant, that is the owner or an agent  (Physical or Legal Entity) must be an Authorized User (Question 3) of the Dls Portal.


Information regarding immovable property may be provided to any interested person under section 51A of the Immovable Property (Tenure, Registration and Valuation) Law, Cap.224, by issuing a search certificate. Persons qualified to file an application are only the owner of the property or his /her agent authorized a power of attorney, or an attorney. 

It should be noted that in order to apply electronically for the issue of Search Certificate by the Proxy Representative (e.g. lawyer) on behalf of the owner, the Proxy Representative must have already filed an attorney at the district land office.  The Proxy Representative must have an authorized account (Question 3) in the Portal.

The eservice is called "Property Search Certificate" and the user can find it available on the "Dashboard" of his/her personal page in the Dls Portal.

Note that the eservice is also available through "Ariadni" Platform and the user can select it directly from  the Ariadne Portal (e-Service Catalog -> Land and Property).

Regarding the cost of the e-service, there is a "Table of Rights and Fees" ("CITΙΖΕΝ PORTAL" -> RIGHTS AND FEES ") published on the Dls Portal, which includes the prices of the services offered by the Department of Lands and Surveys.

After submitting the application the user has the option to have the document sent to his/her email, in PDF.


Yes.  In the DLS Portal you can use the e-application "PROVISION OF GIS / DIGITAL DATA" and select the eservice "Planning Zones" which includes the specific layer.  There is no any cost.

After logging in to the Portal and entering your username and password (as an authorized user - Question 3), select "My Applications" from the left menu. At this point you can locate the Branch where the various applications have been submitted either to the District Land Office or through the Portal. Then, you can contact this branch by phone (Officers Contact Details at the various Branches/Dlo Offices of the Department can be found at the Dls Portal ("Citizen Portal" -> "Offices" -> "More Information")


You should contact the relative TAX Office.


Payment details of Subscriptions (i.e Subscription Type, Description, Payment Date, Expiry Date, Amount, Receipt No.) can be found on your Personal Page in the Dls Portal under "My Account" / "Subscriptions" and specifically at  the section "Paid Subscriptions"

Yes, you can apply online for a Certificate of Immovable Property for your own immovable property or for the properties of other individuals/owners (physical or legal persons) that you may represent.  You should have an authorized account (Question 3) in the DLS Portal.

Note that you can select this service directly from the Ariadne Portal (e-Service Catalog -> Land and Property)

After submitting the application the user can select to have the document sent to his/her mailbox in PDF format.

The e-service also has the option of including co-owners.


Access to Comparable Sales application is provided only to Private Valuers, Registered at the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber and have an authorized account (Question 3) in the Dls Portal. The subscription cost for having access to the comparable sales e-service is 100 euros per district and 400 euros for all the districts. The specific cost is per year.

To view all the property (including the Property in the Occupied Areas) for which you are the registered owner, or the immovable property of persons you may represent you can apply electronically for a "Property Search Certificate".  This application is available on the "Dashboard" on your personal page in the Dls Portal.
Τo be able to access the specific e-application you should have an authorized account (Question 3) in the DlsPortal.
However, in case you’re informed about the details of your property (through for example the Certificate of Registration (title) of your Immovable Property), then, general information about your property (such as value, extend, characteristics of the plot etc.), you can find through the e-service "Interactive Maps”. All information provided through this service is considered "open data" and is accessible to all users of the Dls Portal.

Help document is available to the user through the Scanned Maps e-service (i). The link to this document is: http://portal.dls.moi.gov.cy/en-us/FrontEndHelp/Pages/Application19.aspx . This link has a relevant index which you can consult.


Yes you can locate a property by Address through the "Interactive Maps" eservice.

Use the "Search" Tool and then select the District/Municipality/Quarter. From the 3rd tab of the "Search"Tool, named "street", select the street and then press the button "Zoom".  A yellow line of the street selected is appeared on the map.  Locate optically the property and use the identify" ("i") tool to see all the information about it.

Short instructional videos are available in the Dls Portal, but only in Greek, at the moment at the location: https://portal.dls.moi.gov.cy/el-gr/videos/Pages/default.aspx


Available information is available at the Dls Portal ("Citizen Portal - > Citizen's Chart er - > Applications - > MANAGEMENT OF JOINTLY- OWNED BUILDINGS


Old maps are available only at Dls Map Store, which is located at Survey Headquarters (Alasias and Demofontos corner, 1075 Nicosia, 1st Floor).  Pricelist is available on the Dls Portal at “Citizen’s Portal”à Rights and Fees or at the link  https://portal.dls.moi.gov.cy/en-us/Rights%20and%20Fees/Documents/PriceList_Of_Maps.pdf


Yes, but is necessary to have an authorized account (Question 3) in  the Dls Portal. Through the application for a copy of the Certificate of Registration (Title) of Immovable Property of the Dls Portal, you can find out about your co-owner.  Before submitting your request, make sure you select the option "Co-owners ". The system issues the Certificate in PDF format and sends it automatically to your email address.  


Your mail address can be changed if you are already an “authorized user” (Question 3) of the Dls Portal and after submitting your application electronically from the e-service "Inquiry" (Located in the left menu of your personal at the Dls Portal).


There is a tool available through the portal for calculating transfer fees (https://portal.dls.moi.gov.cy  at the bottom of the main page of the Dls Portal), or specifically at the link: https://portal.dls.moi.gov.cy/en-us/Pages/CalculateTransferFees.aspx .

The value should be entered without VAT.


Τhe Dls Portal does not provide a power of attorneyIf an individual requires a Power of Attorney it is suggested that a lawyer prepare such a document and signatures will be certified at owner's country embassy or at certifying offices in Cyprus.


The reason concerns the fact that:

  1. so far you have not proceeded with any transaction with the Department of Lands and Surveys and therefore your personal/id  information has not been registered in the Land Registry. So, the application for the issue of Search Certificate should be submitted to one of the District Land Offices.
  2. The immovable property you possibly own is registered with a distinctive number other than your ID number / ARC number-code. To resolve this issue, it is recommended that you use the e-service "Property Declaration" by submitting all the necessary documents, in order to merge this distinctive number with your ID or ARC number-code.


You can use the e-application "APPLICATION FOR PROPERTY DECLARATION" from Dls Portal (Dashboard). In order to apply for this eservice you should have an "authorized account" (Question 3) in the Dls Portal.

The aim of this specific electronic application is to facilitate the correction/replacement of special identity numbers (XXXXXX/2/9) that are registered in the computerized system of the Department of Lands and Surveys with the actual identity numbers of the property owners.


Information about Transfer of Immovable Property you can find in the Dls Portal (Citizen Portal--> Citizen's Charter -->Transfers - Mortgages).