​​CILIS Administration and Support​​

CILIS Administration and Support Branch is responsible for the continuous maintenance and development of the Cyprus Integrated Land Information System (CILIS) of DLS.  The Branch deals extensively with large scale IT projects, possessing a vast know-how and expertise in this area and consists of specialised DLS business users who analyse needs and targets, along with employees from the Department of Information Technology of Cyprus; both together form a strong team of experts and they are based at the Land Information Centre (LIC) of the Department.  The focus on needs is based on aligning DLS business processes with the technical ones.  The Branch deals with e-government initiatives (currently developed the DLS Portal), in the meantime, developing and following the new DLS IT Strategy of the Department which will lead to the biggest strategic IT project for Cyprus, the upgrading of the existing CILIS. The DLS LIC team actively supports other IT projects of the Government, such as the Government Gateway, the Data Warehouse and many others.​​​​​

Head of the Branch:  Mrs. Andri Hadjimarkou

: 17 Alasia Street, 1075 Nicosia

: 22608048

: 22767001