The Administration Branch coordinates all the administration matters of the various Branches of the Lands and Surveys Department and all the administration issues of the District Land Offices. It promotes the cooperation and the well-functioning of the various Offices of the Department. Furthermore, the Administration Branch assists the Director in his managerial duties, coordination and the reorganization of the Department. It keeps computerized system for the Department's personnel which includes all the necessary details for the employees.

The Administration Branch is divided in the following nine sections:

  • Administration and Coordination
  • Personnel
  • Training 
  • Information and Promotion of the Department
  • Statistical Analysis of produced work
  • Filing
  • Public Finance
  • Storehouse matters, tenders and procurements
  • Construction, administration and security of Buildings

Head of the Branch: Mr. Kyriakos Papaioannou

"IASON" Building, 10, Iasonos Street, 1082 Nicosia on Griva Digeni Avenue
: 22804881