​Cooperation with other Services and Organizations


The Valuation Branch is in close cooperation with all the organizations and services (public, semi-private, private) that are directly or indirectly involved. Such organizations – that deal with the management and development of immovable property – are the municipalities, the communities, the Department of House and Planning, the Department of Redistribution of Land, the Public Woks Department etc. Other organizations – that deal with the research, development and implementing new systems, methods and technologies as well as the professionalism at work – are the Scientific Technical Chamber of Cyprus (ETEK), the Association of Professional Valuers and Property Consultants, the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO), the Tegova (European Valuation Standards), the Federation Internationale des Geometres etc.

The aim of the Valuation Branch through this cooperation, is on one hand to exchange and manage information regarding the valuation of immovable property and on the other hand is to spill over the professionalism and know-how from the private sector into the public sector.​

The personnel of the Valuation Branch takes part in many different committees that involve all the above mentioned organizations.