​Current Projects

Apart from its day to day activities, which deals with Land Surveying and Land Cartography, the Survey Branch runs the following projects: 

a. Resurvey

The ultimate objective of the resurvey project is the replacement of the old cadastral plans, with a new series of accurate digital cadastral plans.

This project gives special attention to areas under development with problems of accuracy in their existing cadastral plans in association with the data stored in the Department of Lands and Surveys.

The workload has been decentralized but due to the lack of personnel this project evolves slowly.

It is considerable to refer that, the number of completed applications for survey work per survey team in the areas for which new cadastral plans have been adopted, is much higher than in any other area.​

b. Land Information System (LIS)

The Survey Branch has the responsibility for data collection and the development of the DCDB and SDB of the LIS. The data bases are accessible from all the District Lands Offices and they are updated gradually from the employees of the Department.

The Survey Branch has focused into the checking, monitoring and supporting of the functionality of the geographic part of the LIS, as well as to the processing, transformation and updating of the survey data.

For the smooth operation of the LIS, any kind of technical problems that may arise, will be checked and analyzed by the support team, thus leading to the improvement of the System.