​Future Plans and Goals​

The current merge of the Survey Branch inside the Department of Lands and Surveys with some sectors of the Cartography Branch, in respect to a common field of work, has set up new goals for the future, which as summarized below:

  • To finalize the reorganization of the Survey Branch due to the afore-mentioned unification which will lead to the most productive operation of the Branch.
  • To revise and simplify procedures, to group applications for survey related work, resulting in the increase of productivity and the reduction of the pile of delayed applications for survey works.
  • To continue the resurvey project resulting to new digital cadastral plans, inside areas with increased number of applications requiring cadastral field surveys.
  • To promote the procedures for declaring an open public contest for assigning groups of survey works to the licensed surveyors of the private sector.
  • To expand the functionalities of the Application Tracking System of the Land Information System that will help the better tracking of all survey related applications and the preparation of statistic data and reports of the Survey Branch.
  • To successfully train the personnel of the Branch, in the completion of applications for survey work and in the use of modern technology including new GIS software inside Land Information System.
  • To train the new personnel that will be employed in the Department, so they are familiar with the procedures of the Survey Branch.