​​Procedure Followed for the Disposal of State Lands​

Any person, corporation or local administration authority entitled thereto, may file an application for the disposal, grant, lease or exchange of property of the Republic, provided that such application is made pursuant to the above-mentioned Regulations.

The application form is obtained from the appropriate Lands Office of the District where the property is situated. The application form is filed with a relevant plan showing the property and the applicant pays all prescribed fees. When examining an application for the disposal of state land, the appropriate District Land Office obtains the opinions of other Government Departments/Services, local authorities and any other interested parties, carries out a local enquiry and prepares a valuation report. Finally, a detailed report is prepared and referred to the competent Ministerial Committee through the Ministry of the Interior and thereafter to the Council of Ministers, which finally decides on the matter. 

Such procedure is time-consuming and may take approximately 18-24 months.