​Training and Education

​One of the broader goals set up in the Valuation Branch is the continuous education and training that is offered to the personnel. All the employees have been trained successfully for the basic principles of valuation as well as the relevant legislation. Special training has also been carried out for all the functions needed to be learned for the use of the Land Information System (CILIS) in conjunction with a written Users΄ Manual, where all the functions have been explained in detail. This Users΄ Manual is being constantly upgraded and sent to the users electronically. 

The non-permanent personnel – that is being recruited for the specific purpose of data capture – is also being offered detailed training before starting the particular job. This personnel is also been given two user manuals for the specific task they are responsible for.

This effort for continuous enhancement of the know-how of the personnel will be continued in the following years with even faster rhythms.

Numerous officers of the Valuation Branch have already attended the following:

  • One day participation for the new Urban Planning Development Policy by two officers.
  • International Appraisal Conference in the USA by one Officer.
  • MS Project 2000 Software
  • SAS Software
  • Seminar for Oracle, SQL and PL/SQL
  • Courses offered by the Cyprus Academy of Public Administration and Personnel.
  • Seminar for the Geographical Data Systems ArcGIS, in Athens.
  • One week course for the valuation of specialized properties (Marinas and Golf courses) by the Appraisal Institute of USA. (13 employees attended)
  • One week course for the valuation after Compulsory Acquisition by the College of Estate Management of UK (13 valuation officers attended)