Cartography Branch is responsible for preparing, updating, printing and distributing topographic and theme maps and cadastral plans. The main sources for map compositions and cadastral plan information are aerial photography, satellite imagery and data taken from existing maps and other sources. The Branch prepares and distributes geo-information, maps and plans in digital and conventional form. It acts as the official Cartographic Service for the State and acts in an advisory role and as a provider of cartographic services, mapping, geo-informatics and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The Vision of the Branch is the further simplification of its procedures, upgrading of its services for all users, public and State. Its target is the automation of geo-information exchange between the users of GIS in an integrated working environment. It is felt by the Branch that this target can be met with the further development of the LIS, with the use of geographic applications on the internet.

Head of the Branch: Mr. Marios Themistokleous​

: 41-49, Agiou Nikolaou Str., NEMELI COURT, Block A, 

             1st floor, 2408 Egkomi, Nicosia​

: 22408733

: 22769694

: cartogr@dls.moi.gov.cy ​​​