The main responsibility of the Registration Branch is the registration of immovable property in the island. The system of land registration is a system of Registration of Title (as distinguished from Registration of Deeds). The legal value of registration lies between an Indefeasible Title and a Defeasible Title. A registered owner is considered to be the undisputed owner of the land and his title to ownership is absolute, subject to the Director’s power to correct errors or omissions under certain circumstances, and the inherent power of the Courts to order an amendment or cancellation of a registration. In summary, the responsibilities include: legal issues – legal day to day transactions; preparation of legislation (before legal vetting and approval by Parliament); registration of property; registration of contracts of sales; property searches; boundary disputes/readjustments; issuing titles.

Head of the Branch: Mr. Charalambos S. Charalambous​

"IASON" Building, 10, Iasonos Street, 1082 Nicosia on Griva Digeni Avenue
: 22804881