​CYPOS Network

The Cyprus Positioning System (CYPOS) is a network of 7 permanent GNSS (Global Navigational Satellite System) stations, which came into full operation in 2010.

The stations are located in the free areas of Cyprus (Nicosia-Limassol, Cyprus – Larnaca – Paphos – Paralimni – Polis – Evrychou). The network is in continuous operation (24/7/365).

The CYPOS network, aims at a continuing non-stop provision of services of high precision satellite observations, through Web solutions in real time.​

The network's objectives are:

  1. The use of only one GPS receiver on the field from registered users – therefore economical solution for users.
  2. Users do not have the need to seek permanent trigonometric points on the field, thus saving time.
  3. The users are not limited anymore by the distance from the fixed GPS receiver that will had to use, because of the pancyprian coverage from the network CYPOS.


The network provides the following Web solutions, ensuring uniform accuracy for all made measurements:

  1. VRS (Virtual Reference Station)
  2. iMAX
  3. FKP (Flächen Korrektur Parameter - Spatial Correction Parameter)
  4. MAC (Master-Auxiliary Concept)


Also CYPOS can provide data for post processing measurements.

CYPOS services are not compatible for use with mobile phones' GPS.​

​​Please press here for the instructions on how to register to CYPOS Network​