​New Citizen's Charter Published

​The Department of Lands and Surveys within the context of its constant efforts for improvement and upgrading of the services provided to the public has prepared this updated publication, which contains the most important services provided, taking into account the most recent Laws/Regulations, as well as the latest alterations to the respective procedures. The purpose of this Charter is to provide direct information to the public for all types of applications submitted to the Department, in conjunction to the services provided, and with respect to the procedures to be followed by each interested person for the completion of the mattersthat concern them as soon as possible.

The information contained in this Charter is of a general nature and does not constitute full and detailed interpretation of any Laws or Regulations, nor does it contain an analytical description of the procedures followed by the Department. For more information, the public is advised to contact the Lands Offices in each District, or the webpage of the Department where, among others, all types of applications regarding the Department are available for quick access purposes.

The Department of Lands and Surveys, by utilizing modern technology within the framework of its strategy, proceeds with the upgrading of the Land Information System and the development of electronic services/applications, which will both enhance as best as possible the implementation of the next goal, which is the development of an electronic e-government system whereby a large number of applications will be processed through the internet.​