​​​​​​​​The Department​

The Department of Lands and Surveys "DLS" is probably the  most important pillar of socio-economic development in our country, as it deals with the land, which is one of the leading factors for progress, prosperity and development in the Cypriot economy. With its present operational structure and responsibilities, through a wide range of Laws and Regulations, the Department is one of the most essential services of the Public Sector, making a most important contribution to all sectors of activity of the Cypriot society. The DLS provides the basis for the design of all development programs relating to immovable property, offering services to many public sector entities, such as local authorities, bodies governed by public law, banking and other organizations and more generally all citizens.

The Department is solely responsible for the provision of services in connection with all the rights relating to immovable property - registration, valuation, general assessment (for tax purposes), tenure, surveying, cartography, geodesy and hydrography, as well as the management of all property belonging to the State. An important strategic aim of the DLS is the consolidation of its multidimensional role and its modernization / transformation into a productive and modern organization. There are growing expectations that the Department, as a key economic factor for stimulating economic growth, will be in a position and will actually play a leading role in implementing new strategies in many areas.

Undoubtedly, the DLS is the main source of data relating to real property. The data in conjunction with the procedures generating and supporting them are the main and core asset of the Department. Their further use and utilization becomes an imperative need, as these data in order to be productive, should first of all  be structured correctly and at the same time, through interoperability, be available primarily horizontally, across the Public Sector, to other bodies, businesses, researchers and ultimately the citizen himself. The Department collects a plethora of data relating to real property- manuscripts of over 100 years old and computerized data more than 25 years old. Data collection is part of its daily operations, as well as part of broader data collection projects, both in the field, and through new technological forms.

The Administration of the Department has set as a primary objective, the implementation of a new IT Strategy, the "DLS IT Strategy", which has been prepared for upgrading the Information Technology in the Department. With the preparation of the Strategy, the Administration of the Department has at its disposal a powerful tool to coordinate and direct its future decisions. A medium-term outcome of this strategy is also the implementation of the new Internet e-services platform of the Department, the "DLS PORTAL".

The new strategy is one of the major keys for success and for a new vision of change in the Department. A central point of reference of the whole philosophy is the upgrading of the existing Land Information System, focusing on the citizen, and the daily increasing needs for information and services.

At the same time, the provision of effective services to citizens and the two-way communication with them is the top priority for the Department. This is achieved through the necessary redesign and simplification of time-consuming procedures, investment in people, as a power factor, implementation of IT technology and particularly e-government services and enhancing access and services through a friendlier building infrastructure.

Certainly, functional evolution and improved efficiency through increased productivity, efficiency and cost optimization, require optimal use of resources through a stable automation framework. Especially in times of reduced public spending, automation is particularly useful in the effort to modernize business operations with reduced manpower, and acts as a catalyst in tackling the various challenges to be faced in the future, both by Cyprus as a country, and the Department in particular.​

The redesign and automation of the Department's procedures as well as the upgrading of its systems according to the latest flexible and stable technologies which provide  wide  integrated functionality, will create more efficient procedures and new services / possibilities for services, will also help strengthen productivity in new growth areas and provide  friendlier services to citizens. This approach is in line with the overall approach on e-Government of the Republic of Cyprus.