Our prime vision is to continuously improve, expand and reengineer our multipurpose role, in order to best serve the citizen, in accordance with all the laws and regulations prevailing nowadays in the European Union.  Our success will depend on our ability to adapt to all the ongoing socio-economic changes, occurring both in Cyprus, as well as in the European Union, which will incorporate major changes into our Legal System, and quality improvements in all of our services offered to the public, making them much more effective and highly efficient. ​

Additionally and as outlined in our recent DLS IT Strategy, our vision is to transform the DLS IT environment to support a modern cadastre that will be needed for the future; this is based on an architecture that facilitates the delivery of services to citizens and interested entities, enables people to readily and confidently identify the location and extent of all rights, restrictions and responsibilities related to land and property through also the use of spatial data.  As the prime source and owner of legal, fiscal and spatial information, DLS shall contribute to the national e-Government strategy and improve the efficiency of all public sector activities through the implementation of the DLS IT strategy and the achievement of its objectives.