Response of the Department of Lands and Surveys in relation to publications on the cancellation of charges for inaccessible buildings

After examining the information included in the articles of the newspaper Alithia, dated August 22, 2023 and August 28, 2023, in relation to the matter concerning the cancellation of charges on inaccessible buildings, the Department of Lands and Surveys (DLS) wishes to state the following:

In order to define the boundaries of the neutral zone and verify the location of plots and buildings, DLS carries out on-site checks and measurements in cooperation with local authorities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Guard, the Ministry of Defence, District Administrations, etc. The data used by the Department concerns highly accurate aerial photographs, satellite images, maps, cadastral plans, cadastral data and other related data from the Department's digital databases, and not inaccurate data from Google Maps, as stated in the articles.

In individual cases where there are complaints or ambiguities, due to the specificity and sensitive nature of the matter, the Department formally requests advice from the Ministry of Defence or other competent agencies.

It is noted that the same procedure was followed for the case mentioned in the articles. Specifically, the relevant ministries were contacted and additional information and advice were requested. As soon as DLS receives the relevant responses, and if indeed any corrective actions need to be taken, they will be taken immediately. It is noted that real estate taxation falls under the jurisdiction of the Tax Authorities, which already have all the necessary information for this purpose.

Finally, it should be pointed out that, in any case, DLS thoroughly investigates any complaints as a matter of priority, and makes the corresponding corrections where appropriate, so that the final result is correct and fair.