The Department of Lands and Surveys is a large Department with a very wide and extensive remit. Since it is considered as an "umbrella" organisation with all aspects of property under one roof, the extent of its remit is invariably giving rise to competing priorities with demands of varying intensity coming from a wide range of sources. The largest amount of the work of the Department has national significance which adds to the challenges faced with a variety of projects being run daily.

The Department has successfully completed all the requirements of the MOU with the Troika partners, completing a variety of large strategic projects like the General Valuation of Cyprus at 1.1.2013 prices, the revaluation of all State Land and provided partners with a strategy concerning the issuance of the Title Deeds.

Main projects include:​

  • The Title Deeds Issuance
  • The Transfer of Property to Enclaved Buyers
  • The General Valuation as at 1.1.2013
  • The New DLS IT Strategy
  • The DLS Portal
  • The Resurvey Project
  • The New Aerial Photography
  • The Government Gateway
  • The Government Data Warehouse