Dear Visitors,

I would like to welcome you to the Web Portal of the Department of Lands and Surveys - the “DLS Portal”, constituting the main source of information to citizens and a two-way communication with them, which is constantly evolving and upgrading, facilitating your access to the "Electronic Land Registry". The DLS Portal is a major e-services platform containing a wealth of data and information relating to immovable property as well as to other land-related activities of the Department of Lands and Surveys (DLS). The DLS Portal provides for online and interactive map navigationand allows you to search for information documents relating to immovable property on a need and entitlement basis and to submit an application or follow its progress until the required work is completed.

Our vision is to implement a fully modernized and reliable administrative system of rights and restrictions relating to immovable property and through innovative methods and the use of technology, enhance and facilitate the electronic provision of services to citizens and the wider public sector, thus contributing to the socio-economic development of our country. These technologies will further improve the efficiency of the "Electronic Land Registry", minimize the circulation of documents/plans in printed form, reduce the need for physical presence of the citizens served through the e-Applications, and upgrade the quality and standard of services offered.

I wish you a very friendly navigation and an efficient "user experience" throughout the DLS Portal and I look forward to your suggestions and comments for the continuous improvement and upgrading of the level of services offered by the DLS.

Dr. Elikkos A. Elia