Applications are located in the Dashboard page.

In order to navigate to Applications, user selects the Dashboard option from the left menu.


 In the middle of the page, user can view the applications in the  "DLS Portal Application List".

 Each user can see only the applications that is eligible to apply. This depends on the Groups & Memberships that is a member of.


Portal Applications

The Applications that can be submitted through the Portal are the following.

User can proceed to the application by clicking the desired application from the list.

Portal Applications.jpg 

 Information for each application can be found in the links below: 

  1. Correction of Error to General Valuation
  2. Objections To New Cadastral Plan
  3. Demarcation of Immovable Property​​​
  4. Correction of Fiscal Characteristics
  5. Provision of GIS data​
  6. Data Submission
  7. Provision of Tax Catalog
  8. Provision of Property Ownership Details​
  9. Provision of Comparable Sales​
  10. Inquiry
  11. Streets Update Information
  12. DLO File Preparation By Private Surveyors
  13. Objection to General Valuation​​​​
  14. Mortgage Cancellation​
  15. Maps In Raster Format​​​​

​The following four applications, are not submitted through the DLS Portal but they are redirect the user to the Central Government Gateway:

  • ​Certificate of Registration
  • Property Search Certificate
  • Copy of Cadastral Plan
  • Update Pseudo ID

 Selecting the Application will transfer the user to the CEGG to follow the predefined procedure for submitting the Application.

​ Screenshot_2.jpg