​​Strategic Targets and Activities​​


Objective 1: Strengthening growth through effective and reliable management of all processes related to real property

Activities and actions include:

  • Running a modern and reliable system relating to immovable property
    • Having an efficient and reliable management process in place in relation to real property
    • Conducting cadastral, registration, valuation, tenure, survey, appraising, cartographic, geodetic and hydrographic work
    • Effective management of real property belonging to the State.
  • Compensation for expropriation of property
  • Supporting cooperation initiatives with the private sector

Objective 2: Ensuring the reliability and availability of spatial, legal and fiscal data arising from functions and operations of the Service

  • Development and future upgrading of the Land Information System (LIS)
    • Development and implementation of the Department's IT strategy
    • Maintenance and support of the existing LIS
  • Development and implementation of its digital data initiative
  • Development of a strategy for open access to relevant data and developing inter-departmental agreements in relation to such access.
  • Completion of existing projects relating to the recording and valuation of state property; the preparation of relevant legislation arising from the Memorandum of Understanding with the Troika; and effectively addressing the title deeds issue.

Objective 3: Providing an effective and quality service to the public and to other bodies

  • Redesign work processes such that they are certified as compliant with ISO 9001
    • Developing and implementing action plans for the gradual improvement of processes and the institutional framework
    • Using the quality assurance system as a means of continuous improvement
  • Modernising existing legislation
  • Reducing the backlog of existing cases registered at DLS
  • e-Government projects and initiatives – DLS Portal, Government Gateway